15 beneficial foods for the care of your skin

15 beneficial foods for the care of your skin

The skin is the largest organ of the body, is one of the systems responsible for cleaning the body. It acts as a protective barrier between our body and the environment that surrounds it, protecting it and helping to maintain its structures intact.

To have a healthy skin, we must avoid toxins that can overload the cleaning organs and take a healthy and balanced diet. Playing sports, not drinking alcohol, avoiding stress, sleeping well and the outdoors also help to take care of the skin.

To enjoy a healthy skin is essential to stay well hydrated and nourished with foods rich in omega-3, protein, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.


Foods to have healthy skin:


Permanent hydration begins with something basic, such as consuming water daily. Keeping the skin well hydrated also makes wrinkles more difficult to form.

Green leafy vegetables:

These vegetables are rich in antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin, which help eliminate free radicals. In addition, they contain excellent amounts of vitamins C and A, which are vital for the health of the skin.

The Papaya:

It is a fruit that contains the amount of vitamin C you need for two days and is a very good natural exfoliant. It also contains the enzyme called "papain" that helps reduce the reddish effect that some skins acquire as a result of inflammation.



It has many benefits and is one of the best sources of lutein and zeaxanthin, nutrients that absorb and neutralize free radicals that cause UV light.


They are a source of beta-carotene and contain Vitamin C, which helps the production of collagen in the body, a protein that helps prevent wrinkles and slows down the aging process. In addition, Vitamin A fights free radicals to prevent wrinkles, pigmentation and uneven skin tone.


It contains cartenoids that reduce pimples and acne, improve the quality of the skin, reduce dryness, increase its tone and elasticity and slow down aging.

Bitter chocolate:

It contains antioxidant properties and its high levels of cocoa flavonoids can help soften and moisturize the skin and improve circulation. If you are passionate about chocolate, you already have an excuse to enjoy it.



They are a great source of zinc very beneficial for the skin, also will make the cells of your skin are in perfect condition. According to studies, acne is associated with the lack of this mineral (zinc)

Red wine:

It is the number one source of resveratrol, an antioxidant with excellent properties.


They are rich in antioxidants, which means they can protect the skin from harmful sunrays. In addition, they make the skin look more radiant and healthy.

Chia seeds:

They provide amino acids of high bioavailability and are rich in omega-3, which makes them ideal for skin problems such as wrinkles or dryness


According to a cancer prevention study, women who drink coffee every day reduce their risk of melanoma by 11%. It is also a great source of antioxidants that help keep skin younger for longer.


Fruits of the forest:

They are rich in antioxidants, necessary so that the skin is not de-structured. If they are wild they contain more, because the plant has had to develop them to face the inclemency of the climate.


This blue-green algae has the capacity to nourish and detoxify the blood, as well as to favor the processes of cell regeneration. This helps to avoid dry skin and to delay the appearance of wrinkles.


It is a powerful fruit that works wonders for your skin. The avocado oil penetrates deep into the skin, leaving it well cleansed, nourished and soft. Its antioxidants help eliminate wrinkles giving the skin a youthful glow.

The creams are not the only remedy to protect and better the health and appearance of our skin, there are many foods that are a cheaper and more effective alternative than creams, as they not only provide dermatological benefits to our skin but also, strengthen your immune system and ensure your nutrition.

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