Benefits of music for health

Benefits of music for health

That music tames wild beasts is known by all, at least that's what they say. What is true that this can cause us multiple feelings and emotions, can transport us to another time, to evoke those moments that were special for us.

Its effect on our state of mind is undeniable. Listening to music provokes a great variety of activities and cerebral stimuli that directly influence important aspects of our life such as mood, stress control, anxiety or fatigue.


it relax you

One of the benefits of music for your health is that it manages to relax. When you are going through a great period of stress and anxiety, music can be an activity to evade and clear your mind. That evasion will cause, for a moment, the worries to dissipate.

Fight the headache

Thanks to its relaxing and de-stressing effect, music helps those who suffer from migraine or headaches.

Reduces anxiety

Listening to your favorite song reduces anxiety levels. Music can help lower levels of cortisol, the hormone related to stress.

Help practice sports

Listening to motivational music when you are doing physical exercise makes training harder (you get more involved) and, moreover, oxygen is consumed more efficiently. It also happens that our attention is diverted and the feeling of tiredness, fatigue or boredom diminishes.


Strengthens the immune system

Music can create a positive and profound emotional experience that leads to the secretion of hormones of immunological stimulation, thus reducing the levels of cortisol and the factors responsible for contracting diseases.

Flatten the pain

Music therapy causes the release of endorphins, which act as natural analgesics in a variety of diseases such as osteoarthritis or depression. It is frequently used in hospitals (music therapy) as a complement to anesthesia or as a post-operative aid. Music serves as a distractor and fosters the sense of control that in turn releases endorphins to contrast pain.

It makes us happier

Active music, makes you dance and a smile is drawn on your face. When we listen to happy music, our brain starts the production of dopamine. This neurohormone is responsible for making us feel emotions such as happiness, emotion, fun, etc.


Driving and learning, it's better with background music

According to studies, this practice improves the mood, which results in better behavior at the wheel, without that the performance in the task of carrying the car is not compromised.

It sleeps better

It will help you get a good night's sleep thanks to the relaxing and anti-stress properties of the music. It is best to listen to quiet and cheerful music about 30 minutes before going to sleep, although if you can implement it throughout your day, it will be better. will help you get a good night's sleep thanks to the relaxing and anti-stress properties of the music.

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