The shoes that most stylize your figure

The shoes that most stylize your figure

We always go in search of the perfect shoe, that which is comfortable, beautiful, and that makes us incredible legs. However, choosing a shoe that enhances your figure can sometimes be complicated and painful for your feet as we associate footwear style with heels and platforms.

There are certain tricks, contrasted with gurus and fashion designers, so you can see yourself more stylized wearing shoes and not exactly being the tallest

These tips will be of great help to you:

Heeled sandals with bracelet They are a classic, they stick with everything and the best of them is that they direct the look upwards, making your legs look longer. And if, in addition, you combine them with a short dress you will get an even greater effect.sandalias-de-vestir-en-raso

The dancers They have become an essential footwear for almost all of us are ideal for lengthening the legs and we can use them with endless looks.


The nude color It is perfect to stylize your silhouette since it is attached to your skin so that your legs look longer. You can opt for some salon shoes. They are comfortable and you will never tire of wearing them.


The undercut shoes They also lengthen our figure, since they only cover the toes. Like these Chamby shoes you will find in our store.


If you are looking for comfort these mule clogs with a sharp point they will make you look stylized, just choose your favorite tone.


Flat sandals, in tones gold, silver or copper, they are also a good option if you want to make your legs longer without wearing a heel, since the finish refines the image of your feet and leaves them practically naked.


The pointed shoesThey are what most stylize your legs and make you look taller and thinner. They do not have to be high-heeled but you like it, there are also many flat shoes and medium heels with which to get that effect.

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