10 Best Sandals For Summer

10 Best Sandals For Summer

We all go crazy shoes and now that the good weather, we are willing to change footwear and buy others to keep our feet fresher and look so beautiful during the summer. The Sandals! Those that we like so much

Check out these 10 best sandals for this summer. You will love it!

Bio Heel Sandal Dress

These sandals bio with platform and high heel of 10 cm, they are attached to the ankle with Velcro, they are very very elegant and will provide you with great comfort in the tread.

Colors: Beige and Black. Sizes: 35 / 41. Manufactured by Digo Digo. € 46.00.


Woman Comfortable Gel Sandals

Comfortable sandals Gel They are made of metallic leather and engraved with leather and comfort, perfect to cushion the footprint. These sandals have a small and comfortable wedge of about 3 cms.

Colors: Silver and Pink. Sizes: 35 / 41. Manufactured by Tekila. € 31.40


Clogs Mule Gel Plant

Sandals for women with platform, type mule clogs in split leather, with platform of 9 cm, These sandals with heels have a very modern design for young and dynamic women.

Colors: Jeans, Mustard and Red. Sizes: 35 // 41. Manufactured by Crimson. € 35.19zuecos-mule-planta-gel

Women's Shoes Sandal Party

Suede sandals, They are an ideal complement when dressing, they are fastened to the ankle with collar and buckle which makes the sandal fit perfectly to the foot providing stability. Its variety of colors make it an essential piece for this spring-summer season.

Colors: Black, Blue and Pink Nude. Sizes: 35 / 41. Manufactured by Ángel Alarcón. € 45.60. It has a matching portfolio.

zapatos-mujer-sandalia-fiesta (1)

Woman Leather Platform Sandal

Metallic leather sandal for woman with platform that imitates jute. With these sandals you will have the assured fastening. By carrying the gel plant will make the plant softer and will provide great comfort in the tread.

Colors: Silver and Copper. Sizes: 35/41. Manufactured by Crimson. € 37.50.


Jute wedge sandal

With these wedge leather sandals you will have a spectacular look, as well as comfortable, you are made of imitation jute wedge sandals are made of leather, its wedge is high of 8.5 cm, but they are very comfortable and comfortable since they carry the plant in gel, which It gives a lot of firmness and comfort in the tread.

Colors: Beige Sizes: 35 / 41. Made by Digo Digo. € 35.99


Mule Leather Mules

Zuecos mule piel, with the plant of GEL and skin, with a high heel of 9 cm in height. This mule clog for women, is perfect to combine with skinny pants, and with neutral colors and so we will stand out for our shoes.

Colors: Black, Mustard, Leather, Red and Leather. Sizes: 36/41. Manufactured by Digo Digo. € 44.81.


Sandals Wedge Gel Tekila

Woman wedge sandals gel plant and skin with the Gel plant. The wedge measures 6 cm and the front platform measures 2.5 cm. With these sandals you will have a spectacular look, while comfortable.

Colors: Silver, Platinum and Black. Sizes: 35 / 41. Manufactured by Tekila. € 34.00.sandalias-cuna-planta-gel-tekila

Women's Sandals

Sandals high heel, They are made of cowhide leather, its fastening is by means of a collarin attached to the ankle with velcro. They are very comfortable and current heel sandals from the Spring / Summer 2019 collection.

Colors: Red, Leather, Marine, Red and Mustard. Sizes: 35 / 41. Manufactured by Marlene Prieto. € 35.15


Original Women Sandals

Original Women Sandals, They are very special for their design, they are made of leather with flowers embellishment to different skin tones, they go with a leather collar caught at the ankle and fixed by a very elegant shoe buckle.

Colors: Mustard and Leather. Sizes: 35/41. Manufactured by Digo Digo. € 43.33.


This is just a sample of the multiple models you can enjoy. Take a look for our online shoe store and see the women's sandals that we have for sale. If you have any doubts when buying sandals call us at 608654481 or send us a whatsapp and we will be happy to help you.

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