8 signs of being exhausted by work

8 signs of being exhausted by work

Many times we feel exhausted without any explanation and we do not know how to solve it. Why is this happening to us?

Stress has become the explanation for almost all the ills that happen to us, in addition to exhaustion can be reflected in lack of motivation, decreased confidence and work performance, increased mood and negative thoughts. They are factors that can make us feel exhausted, physically and mentally.

They are symptoms of burnout, also called burning syndrome or burning syndrome at work, it is an emotional disorder caused by the stress generated by the work and the lifestyle of the employee.


1. Lack of control:

Employees who have little control over their schedules, interactions and time management run the risk of running out.

2. Perception of injustice:

The perception of injustice can contribute to exhaustion. The lack of communication and transparency of the employer with the decisions can also be an obstacle.

3. Physical changes: 

Tension in the neck, headaches and stomach pains. If those feelings accompany negative thoughts about your work, they may be consuming you.

4. Changes in attitude:

Extralimitation often leads to mood swings, negative thoughts and lack of motivation in the office.

5. Neglect your person:

With the burnout syndrome, many people begin to adopt habits that are harmful to their health, such as smoking, drinking a lot of alcohol, overeating, stopping eating ...

6. Loss of confidence:

Some people lose confidence in their ability and abilities to do their job and disconnect from their environment.

7. Memory losses:

The psychological exhaustion usually produces a cognitive alteration called "disinformation effect", where we confuse data, we evoke information incorrectly, mixing images, people, situations ...

8. Frustration, cynicism and other negative emotions:

You can feel that everything you do does not matter, you are disillusioned about everything. You may notice that you feel pessimistic, which you did not feel all the time.

Your body becomes chaotic inside and out.


What to do about it:

  1. Look for ways to add more control to your agenda. Take 10 to 15 minutes each morning to get organized.
  2. Identify the problems and treat them head on. If you think that they are paying you unfairly or that they overlook you, tell your boss and analyze the problem.
  3. Learn to say "no". This means that the ideal is not to accept new responsibilities, while you finish assuming the ones you already have.
  4. Sleep more. Adequate rest is essential for your body to return to normal.
  5. Start a hobby, be a volunteer or learn New skills will help you get distracted from overwhelming work.
  6. Assess the real situation. Evaluate with your colleagues, supervisors and family members about your performance.
  7. Socialize. If you feel that you are burned, communicate it. The fact of repressing the feeling and even avoiding crying can make everything worse.

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