The Night of San Juan: Fire, Superstition and Magic

The Night of San Juan: Fire, Superstition and Magic

The night of San Juan, is a night of fire, superstitions and much magic, the shortest of the year, it is for a long time a magical night in which some wishes can come true and is surrounded by legends and traditions. Every June 23, at 12 o'clock at night, hundreds of people gather around the bonfires and the sea to celebrate the most diverse rituals and attract the Goddess Fortuna.

The party started as pagan, because the rural people gave thanks for the summer, the harvests, the fruits and for having more hours of light to carry out their tasks.

After the arrival of Christianity, the ancient traditions were assimilated into the Christian calendar and the custom of lighting bonfires was linked to the celebration of the birth of Saint John the Baptist, June 24, a date very close to the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere, reason why the night of San Juan is celebrated between the 23 and 24 of June.


The rituals that night revolve around three elements:

Fire: Fires and a variety of rites related to the element begin on the eve of this day to celebrate the power of the sun and help it to renew its energy. According to legend, the ashes of the bonfire cure diseases.

Water: It symbolizes fertility and purity. It is considered that from twelve o'clock tonight the water is miraculous, cure diseases and provide happiness.

Earth: It is customary that from midnight you go out to the fields to collect medicinal herbs and then hang in the windows of the houses to receive the blessing of San Juan.


Some Rites and Customs:

Jump the bonfires: It is undoubtedly the most popular rite. Jump over the fire nine times to ward off evil spirits and have protection throughout the year. Also if, while you are jumping the bonfire, you throw a braid made with flowers or colored ribbons to the beloved and it is collected before it falls, there will be happiness between both and good fortune.

Make a wish: Put under your pillow a branch of common ivy and a white paper with a positive written message. Before going to sleep light a white candle, let it burn. Put the remaining wax and the water next to the paper and ivy. The next day burn the paper and bury all the elements underground so that your desire grows.

Attract economic prosperity: Go pick up the verbena. According to tradition, it protects against evil, attracts economic prosperity and helps the growth of crops. It must be collected on Saint John's Day when the sun or the moon can not be seen in the sky.

Taking a bath in the sea during the night of San Juan, ensures health for the whole year. If you skip nine waves with your back to the sea, you also get the elimination of negative energies and increase female fertility. Although if you want it to be effective, remember that during that night you will not be able to look in the mirror after having a bath.


They are rites destined to strengthen the spirit, to overcome resistance and fear of the unknown, to attract love, good luck and health. An impulse to the interior renewal to obtain new energy and to burn in the bonfire all that we want to leave behind in our lives.

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