13 Errors that make you fat

13 Errors that make you fat

Many times you think that you have a healthy and balanced diet but you make mistakes that do not allow you to lose weight or even increase it. Identifying these errors is very important if you want to maintain your health and that all your efforts are not in vain.

Forget the "miracle diets", these will only get discouraged and that you take more weight than you lost due to its "rebound effect". They are not reliable or advisable, many of them put your health at risk. The best way to maintain a healthy and balanced weight is with a balanced diet.


Some of the most common mistakes that are committed are:

1. Do not eat protein: Eggs, nuts or lean meats. If we only take hydrates we will be hungry half an hour later.

2. Excess salt: Swelling and excess is very bad for the body. Reduce the salt in your diet and replace it with condiments.

3. Bad proportion in your meals: Breakfast and lunch should be more copious. Try not to dine much: proteins and vegetables.

4. Eat fast: Not chewing can make you fat, it can also cause digestive discomfort and difficulty assimilating nutrients. Take your time and ease the process to the stomach.

5. Do not take fats: Healthy fats are very necessary in your diet. We recommend: avocado, olive oil and olives.

6. Do not plan your routines and diets: Plan the weekly feeding, try to follow regular schedules for meals and avoid improvisation. Distribute the total food intake in five meals a day to maintain the energy level throughout the day.


7. Do not get hydrated enough: Hydration is essential in any diet plan, especially if your goal is to lose weight. If you do not, your metabolism and other important processes slow down and you have more difficulty detoxifying and burning fat.

8. Skip meals: You get the opposite effect to lose weight. The body is put in a state of emergency and retains fat causing anxiety and effect-rebound.

9. Do not read the labels of the products you buy: Although it may seem exaggerated, it is not. Reading the labels can help us lose weight, so, read the ingredients and nutritional information and avoid all ultra-processed foods.

10. Do only sit-ups: Train your belly daily will not make you lose more fat. Quite the opposite. You will overtrain and you will not burn fat.

11. Do only cardio: Your body needs to be activated with different stimuli. It combines exercises with weight, general toning and cardio HIIT.

12. Sleep little: Lack of sleep makes us eat more. By having less energy, we will exercise less. Try to rest at least 8-9 hours.

13. Expect immediate effects: Be realistic and keep in mind that weight loss is a slow process, in which you have to work hard. You will need more or less time depending on your metabolism, your lifestyle and your percentage of body fat.


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