12 tips to avoid heat stroke

12 tips to avoid heat stroke

We are already in high season, summer made its presence and the pools and beaches are full of people enjoying the sun and good weather, something we have been waiting for all year. However, with high temperatures our body runs the risk of suffering heat shock due to the increase of this.

According to the health, a heat stroke is a disorder that is characterized by the failure of the function of several internal organs due to the excessive increase in temperature within the body.

Do not forget that the ideal temperature of our body is around 37 º C, if it exceeds 40 º and our body is unable to eliminate this excess heat, our system will begin to alter producing, in some cases and depending on the person, serious consequences.



1. Avoid sun exposure in the central hours of the day, in addition to prolonged exposures or sleeping in the sun.

2. Cover your skin, head and eyes properlywith clothes, hats or sunglasses and sunglasses, preventing them from adjusting too much to the head to favor the circulation of the air inside.

3. Make use of creams of high protection against the sun.

4. Keep the body properly hydrated. Drink plenty of water, liquids and isotonic drinks.

5. Avoid drinking alcohol or drinks with caffeine, since they dehydrate the body.

6. Do not perform physical exercise at warmer hours. If you practice sports you take advantage of the first hours of the day or the last ones.

7. Avoid heavy meals that are difficult to digest which increase the internal temperature. The fruit, the salads and in general the fresh vegetables favor the hydration.

8. Wear light, loose, better white and cotton clothing, that allows perspiration.

9. If you feel tired or dizzy, Refuge in a cool or ventilated place and loosen clothes.

10. Walk through the shadow whenever possible.

11. Do not stay in parked or closed cars or leave children and / or animals inside. In this case keep the windows open or put the air conditioning.

12. Keep the interior of the house as fresh as possible helping you with fans and keep the rooms in gloom if you do not have air conditioning.



  • Pay special attention to the elderly and children.
  • In case of heat stroke, the affected person is moved to the shade.
  • Toss with the back straight and legs raised, to favor the circulation of blood.
  • Wet your face with a sponge or damp cloth, but do not give it to drink if it is unconscious as it could drown.
  • If you have a weak pulse and paleness, go immediately to the doctor or call the health services.

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