We show you the discount codes available at calzadoszapatos.com

Discount codes


Code: REBAJAS-2020 A 10% additional to the price already reduced

Code: CLIENTES (1 PRODUCT IN THE BASKET of purchase 6% Discount)
Code: CLIENTESPRO (2 PRODUCTS IN THE BASKET of purchase 10% of Additional Discount)

Table of discounts for each shopping cart

These discounts are applied in the shopping cart you have to follow the criteria of the same, 1 product in the shopping cart a 6% discount, 2 products in the basket 10% discount. Discount codes are put in CAPITAL LETTERS.

NOTICE: If you buy 1, or 2 products and apply the discount not applicable example: PREMIUM of 15%, this order will not be valid, if you buy less products than those indicated in the promotion, we understand that your order is not valid.