How to measure the feet to send the correct size

With these measures that you can send us in the order in the parked observations, we have the possibility to know what size is correct, although in the order you put an approximate size that you usually spend.

1º - We put a folio or a paper on the floor

2nd - We make a signal in the longest part of the fingers and another in the heel

3rd - Now with a ruler or a meter we measure and we have the measurement of our foot, with this information and getting the reference and the size that you usually spend in the observations section of your shopping basket you have to put the size of your foot , and place the order, we check the size of your foot with the reference and the brand you have in the shopping cart when placing the order, and we will send the corresponding size according to the manufacturer. If you have questions you can also call us at 608654481 or check the contact page

Size guide brand FLEXIMAX

Size guide brand ANGELITOS